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Scientists agree that since everything in the known universe vibrates, everything is therefore sound. YOU are literally sound and the energetic bodies around you – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Sound is treated with sound, the future of medicine. 

Your body and the systems that exist within you are electromagnetic energy, and this energy has vibration. When something is out of balance or off, we call this dis-ease or illness. When all is well, you are said to be of sound mind, sound health, or your body toned. Your body is literally harmonized and whole. You vibrate at optimal frequencies causing a symphonic chord that sounds a perfect you.

Think of sound healing like music. There are natural sounds that when sounding with other sounds, feel good to our ears. We call this consonance. Other sounds perceived as unpleasant are dissonance. Your various bodies frequencies emit consonant or dissonant sounds. Dissonant sounds can be indicative of a trauma, ailment, or injurious condition. Sound instruments assess and pick up on these, indicating what is needed for YOU.
The frequencies we call pleasant occur naturally in the universe in the ratio of the rotations of the planets, the ratio of plant and animal life, and to the ratios inherent in molecules and atoms. What are ears perceive as harmonious musically, happens at a micro and macro level. So, in sound healing, the aim is to assess where the energetic blockages or dissonances are, and then to replace it with healthy frequencies in a fortifying way. This principle is applied on the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual plane - costumed to YOUR individual needs.

For example, science has shown that trauma is stored in your body’s tissues and theorize that it can also be stored in your bio field (also known as aura). Sounds from various instruments can break these sound patterns with dissonance so that they loosen, not unlike teasing a knot until it is loosened. Once it is loosened it is ready to receive consonance and be released and transmuted. This is when moments of transformation and healing take place!

Intention: It may seem obvious, but know clearly why you are seeking sound healing. (Even if you are clear about your lack of clarity!). Is your therapeutic goal physical? Emotional? Spiritual? Take notice of what it is you would like to bring into your life. At the beginning, you and I will have a brief but important intention setting ceremony outside of the sound room. Keep this in mind: Intention has vibration. When intention meets sound, manifestation.

Cooperative healing: I alone cannot heal you. I am but a vessel, reliant upon technique and intuition. A power greater than me alone is called upon to bring to you the sounds that you need. Skepticism stands in the way of any healing session. Doubt and cynicism can block the very sonic medicine you need. Together, in a cooperative journey, your open mind and heart will allow for the sounds you seek to come to you.

During the session: Expect to be drawn into a meditative state where your breathing slows and your brainwaves move from beta into an alpha-theta zone; like just before sleep. It is best if your conscious mind does not try to interpret the sound or make guesses as to from where it comes. Allow would be the operative word. Allow the sounds to be intuitively played around you for your highest good and intention. You will most likely see images, colors, and shapes emerge. Just notice and perhaps journal about them later. We will spend the majority of our time here. After the session we can discuss your impressions and posit their meaning.

Ending the session: At the end of the session, your energies will be grounded with instruments and you will be brought back into the present moment. There will be a period of silence and then you will be slowly talked awake into the now. Just as taking your time to wake up benefits the body and mind, so too does taking your time coming out of a sound session. We will talk briefly and you will be led out of the wellness space back into front room.

After the session and after care: After the session concludes, we will talk a bit about your experience. What did you see, hear, feel, and experience? I will share with you what my assessment of your aura and chakras spoke and other experiences from my perspective. From that point, I will invite you to have some water that you will have charged with your intention to aid in the grounding process. I will give you sound work that you can do on your own, and before you have another session, if you so choose.

Subsequent sessions: Sound healing sessions build on each other. Every time you come in, you pick up where you left off and further the healing process. It is not a starting over. It is recommended to have 3-4 sessions to truly energetically uproot that which ails you. And not to overstate the notion, but this is a cooperative healing. Doing the work between sessions will guarantee you the greatest results.

Medice, cura te ipsum - Physician, heal thyself.

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