Sound Healing Certifications

Foundations in
Tuning Fork Healing

This course takes you through the mechanics and techniques of how you can help to heal not only yourself, but others using tuning forks. Using scientifically proven techniques with substantial empirical evidence, you’ll see how tuning forks can benefit your healing of the body, mind, and spirits of your friends, family, and future clients.
There are so many tuning fork sets available. One can be overwhelmed as to where to begin. Foundations begins with the essentials and shows the myriad of applications you can have with a modest investment. Fundamentals imparts the knowledge need to begin your journey as a sound healer and sets you up for the Masters program.

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What You'll Learn

What will you learn in Foundations in Tuning Fork Healing:

Students will get a chance to work on each other and both feel the effects from a client’s perspective and gain practical experience as the facilitator of the sound.

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Who Should Attend

Do you have a desire to heal others or yourself through alternative, non-Western means? This class is for those who work in alternative therapies: massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and energy healers. This class is for those starting on the road to becoming a sound healer. Taking this course will put you on the track to continue your studies and attain the tools and skills necessary to become a sound healer, whether you’re just starting out or are already practicing another modality of healing. This class is also highly recommended for sound bath practitioners who want to sharpen their musical knowledge to apply it in their sessions.

What to Bring

You will need: (Note: These starter forks are suggested but by no means required to take the course. There will be extra to use!!)

Any other forks you might have!


“When I noticed a workshop for a sound healing course using tuning forks I was intrigued because I had only ever known them to be used for diagnostic medical purposes. Attending this workshop with Aria opened my mind to the powerful, magical experience of using these tiny tools as a sound healing method. I loved learning about the array of notes, frequencies, and methods of use available when playing with tuning forks. This course was my first experience learning about the art of sound healing instead of just experiencing sound healing. It was a truly magical experience that has expanded how I care for myself and now share this gift with others. Aria was a patient teacher, and her wealth of knowledge around music and sound healing helped me to grasp the completely new to me concepts. This has uncovered a new path for me to help others, and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me!”

- Kris O

Financial Investment

The fee for the course is $225 and includes expert instruction, comprehensive lessons, and indispensable knowledge in the art tuning fork healing. Sets of tuning forks that you bring are at attendee’s cost.

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