Tuning Forks

Tuning forks have gained wide acceptance in the medical and healing community. Tuning forks allow precise frequencies to be used during the healing process. Not only precise frequencies, but healing ratios between the frequencies of the forks.

Assessing the energetic make up of each individual chakra as well as checking for energetic disturbances on the emotional, mental, and spiritual level are task for which tuning forks excel. The even tone of the forks is able to detect where imbalances may lie and then used in ways to break up old patterns and then to replace them with healthy, fortifying energy.

Tuning forks heal when used off the body, particularly when working in one’s auric field or bio field. They can also be extremely effective when used on the body to relieve symptoms such as sore muscles, spinal pain, or when working on acupressure points to activate the meridians. In this way, they are very related to some systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tuning forks generally exists in sets. For example, the Solar Harmonic set is great for assessing chakras, breaking up energy, and or fortifying the place where energy is needed. The Otto set for example is great for on the body work as mentioned above, relieving the body of physical pain. Another example is the Fibonacci sequence set; a set to help one dive deeper into one’s subconscious. There are so many more that do so many things.

There are no ailments whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual that tuning forks cannot make a significant difference in one’s overall health. Book a 1:1 session below. I'd love to see you.

Additionally, with some helpful advice, you too could take a more active role in your sound healing journey. Tuning forks are relatively inexpensive and with my certifications course you will learn how to use forks for your own health and well-being.

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