July Events

Meditation & Chant
Wednesdays | 7.30am

Silent meditation begins at 7:30am.

Break studio silence at 8 with chakra balancing using the Beeja Mantra. Enjoy a community welcome before Aria teaches on the mantra we will be learning over the course of several weeks.

Class will end with the universal mantra, 3 rounds of OM / AUM.

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Sonic Massage at Shanti Yoga | July 21st, 2pm

Experience the soothing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs in a transformative sound massage with Aria and guest facilitator.

Immerse yourself in deep relaxation, balancing mind, body, and spirit.

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Drum Circle
July 25th | 7pm

Rhythm is part of who we are as people. The drum has been a central component of cultures for thousands of years. Just as drums have been a component of communities, so has gathering in circles, often around a central fire to share stories, foster togetherness, and maintain unity.

Let’s unite our rhythms and share in the joy of unity and fostered community!

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Thank you to all of my wonderful partners!

Blue Sky
Blue Sky Yoga & Wellness

Saturday, 7/6 | 3.30pm
Sonic Message

Sunday, 7/7 | 7pm
Community Drum Circle

Tuesday, 7/23 | 7.30pm
with Aria & Mo

Tuesday, 7/30 | 7.30pm
Restorative Soundbath‍

Center for
Spiritual Living

Thursday 7/25 | 7pm
Drum Circle

Chakra Wellness

Tuesday, 7/2 | 6pm
Sound of Freedom

Tuesday, 7/16 | 6pm
Rest is Resistance


Monday 7/29| 6pm

Gethseman Lutheran Church
Kirtan Sign-up

Tuesday 7/9 | 7pm
Bhakti Kirtan

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Project Sanctuary: re-establishing sanctuary for those traditionally excluded from the church.

Saturday 7/13 | 6pm

Shanti Yoga + Wellness

Saturday 7/20 | 6pm
Healing Drum Circle

Sunday, 7/21 | 2pm
Sonic Sound Message

Saturday 7/27 | 7pm
Lecture, Kirtan & Mantra

Wednesdays | 7pm

Fridays | 7pm

A very special thank you to my amazing collaborator.

A House of Harmony

Coming in August

Shanti Yoga & Wellness
Ireland Retreat

I am facilitating transformative sound healing events at the Shanti Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Ireland, August 7th to 19th.

For those two weeks, I’ll be immersed in creating harmonious experiences and with the time differences may not be able to get back to everyone timely. Please allow grace for any delays in my responses.

I look forward to seeing you all again when I return. Namaste!

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