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The goal of Bhakti Yoga is to fully realize the relationship of your soul’s unity with God. The union already exists just as a tide is still part of the ocean. Our souls and God already enjoy a unity, or infinite consciousness. Love. Truth. All that Is. We are sparks from the sun of God.

Bhakti is spiritual, pure devotion. It answers the questions of worldly suffering and ‘who am I’ through anada, or blissful love. Bhakti follows the light until the soul realizes it is the light. All form is God’s creative, intelligent energy. The soul realizes she is an expression of Divine Consciousness. Everything is sacred. Bhakti is Love in action as we watch the line between you and other blurs.  

The word Kirtan comes from the Sanskrit kirt meaning to praise, glorify, or celebrate God, or the holy names and mantras. In its full word, Sankirtana, the implied meaning is that the chanting is done collectively in a group; not alone! Kirtan can happen anytime, anywhere, so long as Bhakti, pure devotion is there.

It can be call and response, singing together, or other forms, but its essence stays the same. Chanting the holy names and mantra can be like a fire that burns away anxiety, fear, hopeless…the list goes on. Chanting cleanses the mind to reveal its essence, its pure unity with God. When we chant, we surrender and offer our voice to the Divine, trust that healing awaits as we release that which binds to the All in All.  Let go and allow chanting to do its work!  

Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om.
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