Soundbaths are presentations of various instruments, most often of which are gongs and bowls, whether they be crystal or Tibetan. Other instruments may be added for ground effect for example, but by and large, gongs and bowls do the heavy lifting.

Soundbaths are a wonderful introduction into sound healing and are becoming quite a mainstay at yoga studios and wellness centers. They can be used effectively at the end of a session to calm the nervous system and ease the mind during savasana. Soundbaths can also be an evening all to itself, with a practitioner opening with a meditation to bring the participant into a comfortable position and posture in order to be open to receive the healing sounds.

Gongs and bowls, especially when used together can create a very soothing sound scape that helps to balance the nervous system, the hemispheres of the brain, and even regulate the glandular system of the body. Other healing effects have been well documented and shown. Sounds that are played more vigorously can help to release stuck energy and have been linked to relief for conditions such as PTSD and addiction. Like any sound healing session, much depends on the event of the one receiving the sounds.

Their sheer optical and sonic novelty make them great for any size group as a way to both vibrationally unite and bond over a shared experience. You can see them popping up not just at yoga studios, but also places like corporations, wedding parties, and even schools as a way to alternatively deal with stress.

Soundbaths are great for overall relaxation and distressing, creating a great entry point into having a more custom tailored personal one on one sound healing session.

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