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Modern sound healing as we know it is a form of energy healing, very often reliant upon the ancient systems of Chakras and the scientifically verifiable existence of bio fields, with a little quantum physics peppered in. I like to think of it as if reiki, acupuncture, and shamans all got together and adopted a child, it would be sound healing.

Sound healing mirrors the very nature of the universe to achieve its healing potential. Mathematical proportions, divine sacred geometry, when sonically and musically applied to the bodies (by which I mean physical, emotional, spiritual…) bring harmony to the body. It brings harmony because those very ratios and proportions that are utilized are the very same as those found in the cosmos in the rotating of the planets and the cellular and molecular level. As above as below. When we are in tune with nature, we are said to be of sound body and mind. It’s no coincidence that we use the word ‘sound.’

Moving forward into the recent history, tuning forks and crystal bowls with their exactitude have made their place side by side with the rich history of Tibetan bowls and gongs with their rich overtones. (Literally tones sounding on top of tones). Also utilized, often in a more grounding sense, have been Shamanic drums, rattles, and other percussive devices. Instrument makers continue to channel the Creative to create new instruments with healing qualities used in sessions and in groups.

Sound heals. This has been proven in laboratories throughout the world, twinning with breakthroughs in quantum physics and discoveries about the nature of intention. It marries antiquity with modernity to create a hermeneutic of healing potential of which people are just coming into awareness. As we go forward, sound will continue to rise to the top of healing modalities for its effectiveness and reliability, as it has been shown to really get at the root of energetic blockages and ailments.

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Finally, our voice remains the truest and most reliable of sound healing instruments. It is free and we carry it with us at all times. If we can work with others or alone in safety and embody our voice, we will find wholeness and a glimpse of our truest self that stems from our Sacred Unity.

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