February Events

February 24th, 6pm

Project Sanctuary began and continues as a series of monthly, evening events with blended alternative healing methods facilitated by trauma-informed practitioners for those marginalized communities who have experienced rejection by organized religion

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Thank you to all of my wonderful partners!

Birch Tree Recovery
More Info about Drumming

Open to All
No Charge or Registration

Community Drum Circle
Thursday 2/15 | 7.30pm

Blue Sky
Blue Sky Yoga
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Restorative Soundbath
Tuesday 2/13 | 7.30pm

Sunday 2/25 | 7.30pm

Sound & Vibrational Healing
Mo & Aria
Tuesday 2/27 | 7:30pm

Chakra Wellness

Sound Cycles:
Lunar New Year Sound Bath
Saturday, 2/10 | 6pm

Connect Community Center for Wellbeing
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Gong Bath
Thursday, 2/8 & 2/22 | 7.30 pm

Elevate @
La Gasolina

Soundbath & Breathwork
Aria & Tami
Saturday, 2/25 | 1.30pm

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Project Sanctuary: re-establishing sanctuary for those traditionally excluded from the church.

Breathwork & Sound
with Mo & Aria

Saturday 2/24 | 6pm

Shanti Yoga + Wellness
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Wednesdays  | 7pm

Fridays | 7pm

Healing Drum Circle
Saturday 2/17 | 6.30pm

Shamanic Drumming
& Activated Breathwork
Aria & Tami
Sunday 2/18 | 2pm

Coming in March

Sound Healing
with the Voice
March 2nd | 1 - 8.30pm

In this half-day certification class, Sound Healing with the Human Voice, you will be trained to use vocal tones, vowel, chants, and vibrations to promote relaxation, balance, and well-being. This therapeutic practice harnesses the power of sound frequencies to resonate within the body, impacting physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects ... Learn more and sign-up today.

Shamanic Rhythms: Spring Equinox Breathwork for Transformation Awakening
March 5th | 6.30pm

Join us for an unforgettable evening of healing and transformation. In this workshop, ancient wisdom and modern techniques converge, igniting the flames of change within you. Experience the powerful fusion of shamanic drums and breathwork, guiding you through the realms of your being. Surrender to the rhythmic heartbeat, venture into the alpha-theta state, and unlock your highest wisdom and personal power. Novices and seasoned seekers alike are welcome in our trauma-informed, body-positive circle. Bring water, a blanket, and a journal, and dress in layers for this intense odyssey of shedding burdens and revitalizing spirits.

Rootbound, 215 N Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301

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Celestial Breath: A Night of Sound Healing + Breathwork
March 30th, 7pm

Join us for an unforgettable evening of Shamanic Sound Healing and Breathwork, as the celestial sounds guide you on a transformative journey within the immersive setting of a planetarium. Experience deep relaxation, spiritual connection, and inner healing in this unique and powerful event. Reserve your spot now and elevate your mind, body, and soul.

St. Louis Science Center - McDonnell Planetarium
505 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

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