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GONG (Sound) BATHS or sound baths have gained radical popularity in the past few years, and for good reasons. Gongs, and sound in general can help to heal you on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level through vibratory means on the physical and subtle levels.


Gongs can help relieve symptoms such as tinnitus, vertigo, and headaches. They aid in digestion, assist with realignment, and even cellular regeneration. The sounds' potency relies on our body's dermatones.

Dermatones are areas of the skin extending to the body and are connected to different nerves through the body. When stimulated by sound, they have positive physical effects.

Gongs stimulate the various energetic systems throughout the body: the autonomic nervous, lymphatic, and glandular (in particular, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland). The sound also stimulates circulation, which interestingly can be useful in repairing nerve endings damaged from trauma or sustained drug use.


The gong can reorganize emotional energy and feelings tied to the body, which affect the mind. A healing process occurs as the sound reawakens biographical layers of consciousness so that they may be reintegrated. This is in large part due to the trance like state induced by the gong (and other sound healing instruments).


Often there is a spiritual disconnect created between substance abuse and or addictive behavior. Pleasure centers activated by drugs are also activated by spiritual experiences. Through the gong, a detachment from that compulsion can be created through an induced meditative state. It creates the spiritual experience without use of substance.

It allows the nervous system and other compromised systems to rebuild, often creating instances such as quitting smoking after just one session. It does this by creating a non-ordinary state through the sound beyond the vastness of the finite, replacing the need for substance and addiction.

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